Volunteer to help

To sign up for a specifc timeslot(s) there are 3 steps to becoming a volunteer…

Step 1

Become a Red Frogs Volunteer by filling in this form:

AND order your Red Frogs T-Shirt. Here’s how to order your T-Shirt. Please go to:

and then visit the Merch Store and get a Workers Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve Shirt. Please leave enough time (7-10 days) to have it delivered before your first shift, so act now!

Step 2

Do a 1 hour Red Frogs Volunteer Training on Zoom.

Red Frogs are able to open the doors for us to go in and serve the students at Macquarie University however, to do this, we need to become Red Frogs Volunteers and do this training before our first shift!

We will be scheduling a future Red Frogs Zoom training session.  Please provide your details below and we’ll be in touch about the timing of the next session:

Step 3

Sign up for your shifts for the first 6 week block!