Help With Feelings

We’d love to help you by discussing your feelings with you.  Please let us contact you by entering the information requested below…

Are you OK? It’s been a big year and there are a lot of people feeling anxious, depressed, or something else in the feelings department is needing some attention. Who can you go to? Here are a bunch of options… and just remember that people really do want to help you, so if the first option doesn’t quite work for you, then try another one until you get the right solution for you. You’re worth it! We thinks so, and we think God thinks you’re worth it too.

Talk to your local GP (Genral Practitioner / Doctor) about how you’re feeling

This is often the best step. If you’re a Macquarie University Student then there are some links on this page for medical help. Or if you want a good recommendation of a local GP you could call one of the churches on the churches page and they could give you a few more ideas of ones their people recommend.

In emergency situations or if you just want to call someone to talk to try Lifeline

If you’re feeling like hurting yourself or someone else, you probably can’t wait for an appointment and should just go straight to hospital to get help. Don’t wait around if its urgent. There are also some great helplines you can call like Lifeline on 131114 for 24/7 Crisis Support, for free. Or if a life, maybe yours, is in danger just call 000. Lifeline have a great website as well…

Counselling Options

Here are some great counselling options in the area of Ryde…

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