Help With Relationships

We’d love to help you with your relationship challenges.  Please let us contact you by entering the information requested below…

Relationship Support Services Available


Are you having difficulties in your relationship? If so then you’re really not alone. Relationships have been particularly stressed with all the stresses of 2020. You may benefit from counselling. A lot of people do.

There are some phenomenal relationship counsellors in the area of Ryde and we wanted to make you aware of them. They all have different availabilities and pricing so just in touch with them and find the one that suits you best. Counselling can seriously help – it can give you a space to either sort things out for yourself or together. Sometimes we need a bit of professional help to change the direction of things. Don’t give up – try something new, and counselling is a great thing to try.

Relationship counselling services are offered by:

  • David Bridges from Bridges Councelling
  • Dr. Neil Harris from Neil Harris Counselling
  • Sunny Hong from Macquarie Clinic
  • The Cottage Counselling Centre
  • Valerie Ling from Centre For Effective Living

There are costs for these services.  Each practitioner will advise their rates.

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