Help With Food

We’d love to help you with your challenge with your food needs.  Please let us contact you by entering the information requested below…

Food Services Available

More Than Food – MACU

More Than Food is taking fresh groceries to any students at Macquarie University who are doing it tough right now financially.

If you are needing help with food at the moment, then do get in touch by using the form above.

The team will put you on the list to receive a bag of fresh groceries every Thursday from 15th October 2020 until either the program ends, or you find work and are on your feet again.  If you’re not sure if you are eligible just get in touch and we can help you work that out.

More Than Food is about neighbours helping neighbours who are struggling.   More Than Food wants you to not just feel the food, but also feel the love!  There’s more help out there than you may realise, so don’t be an island!

The community around you cares that you’re struggling – and we’d like to help ease the load a little.  We hope the food helps!

This service is offered by Help In Ryde, one of the initiatives of the Together for Ryde group.  It commences in the 15th October 2020.

There are no costs for this service.

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